The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Conservation recognize the greatest efforts of individuals and organizations within the private sector in successfully restoring constructions older than 50 years. Because of his excellent achievement in the restoration project, Baoan’s then-Vice President Liao Wu-jyh in 2003 won this award, which was the first such special honor for Taiwan. The award is also significant as it has helped to improve Taiwan’s international image of paying attention to the conservation of cultural relics. Twenty-two projects from nine countries applied for the 2003 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Conservation. Dalongdong Baoan Temple was able to emerge as one proud winner. The award’s judges gave high remarks to Baoan Temple’s restoration efforts: “The conservation of the 1805 Dalongdong Baoan Temple represents a major technical accomplishment and is to be commended for its ambitious scope and depth. The project has taken a balanced approach between modern scientific conservation methods and traditional architectural-decorative craftsmanship, so that the fabric of this historic building can be recovered to the most possible extent. The meticulous attention to details and the generous sponsorship for the project are of significance for the conservation of the fabric religiously and architecturally.”