General Black Tiger Story

He is also called "Master General", which is different from "Tiger Lord" in folklore. His figure is sculpted in stone or wood and worshipped under the altar of Baosheng Dadi in the Main Hall.  It is said that in the Song dynasty, a tiger once ate a woman, Since her hairpin pierced his throat, he felt in great pain. The tiger went to ask Master Wu for help.  Master Wu rebuked him "It is the punishment from Heaven for killing people and animals. I can't save you. "The tiger did not leave, just stayed and lowered his head to repent what he had done. Touched by his sincerity, Master Wu then cured him. To thank Master Wu for his kindness, the tiger stayed by his side from then on. When the tiger was alive, he served Master Wu as his ride; after death, he still protected him loyalty. Thus, Master Wu transformed the fierce tiger into a deity.  Since then, on every April 16, the ceremony of "General Tiger" is observed. He is thus honored as the "General Black Tiger".