About Shengnong Emperor

Also known as the five-grain late-emperor, emperor-king of medicine, Mr. five grains, the late-emperor lord, epoch-era Yan emperor, Yan emperor Sir Shengnong, king of five grains, and king of millet, Shengnong Emperor is the same as the legendary Sir Shengnong. His surname is Chiang. Born in Li-hsiang, he grew up in the Chiang River area. Legend has it that: When his mother was visiting Hua-yang, she had a glimpse of the head of a dragon and then she went back home and got pregnant. Shengnong had a rather strange look: he was born bull-headed.

Sir Shengnong invented farming tools and taught people how to open up land and grow grains, so that people learned to shift from hunting to farming. He tasted all kinds of herbs while categorizing them; he also treated people’s illness. The Shengnong figurine that people worship usually has bare upper body, with ears of rice grain in his hand. Wearing tree leaves around the waist, the figurine has a primitive look that is quite different from the legendary image –“bull-headed body.”

Baoan Temple began to enshrine Shengnong Emperor because of the drought and famine that took place in Taiwan more than 100 years ago. People prayed to Shengnong Emperor for rain and got it in no time. To show their gratitude, people enshrine Shengnong Emperor in Baoan’s rear hall.